Online shopping can be overwhelming, so’s mission is to simplify the consumer’s shopping journey by helping them make better & quicker shopping decisions and purchase with certainty and confidence.’s in-depth product analysis analyzes an immense amount of data consisting of reliable sources, relevant publications, users’ feedback, expert reviews, as well as pricing to arrive at a trustworthy and complete score to follow for the product of your interest.


Products analyzed


Reviews Evaluated


When approaching’s project, it was decided the main KPI is the NPS – Net Promoter Score, as the solution provided is a direct website for the end-user.


Our hypothesis was to make our capabilities and value clear-cut to our users, so their trust will grow, their utility will be apparent, and they would easily recommend it to others.


So making’s website usability and scoring system clear was our design’s main

Goals Breakdown

  • Create a clear top ranked list based on score

  • Create a website (and brand) that functions as a research tool and increases engagement for new and returning users

  • Create a flexible platform where we can make changes rapidly in design(or production) and increase velocity

  • User tests analyzed, and UX tracking optimized and iterate

"We were blown away by the professionalism in taking the challenge and delivering a functional product design system

from end to end"

Alon Gamzu, CEO

Visual Design and Branding

All of branding consisting of material and style guide (logo usage, color palette, typography, Packshot style) was created with Inbal Lapidot from studio Under.

We defined the brand values, implemented the visual language, and user tested for validation. It was then followed with digital adjustments and the creation of a designated design system which featured all UI components consisting of simple icons, buttons and dropdowns, and up to the the most complicated widgets such as over time graphs and cohort charts etc.

The Design System

Within our process, we created a single source of design truth which groups all elements to allow teams to design, develop, and realize the envisioned product. The Design System is not one deliverable, but a set of deliverables and rules that guide and evolve constantly with the product itself, its tools, and potential new technologies.

The fundamental purpose of a Design System is to facilitate the work of the team and maintain that the design and product are speaking the same language.