A few words about myself

My professional path started at the textile R&D department, in MAGLAN unit of IDF. In this environment, dealing with engineering challenges to create precise soft textiles products for end users was a matter of commonplace. This job required teamwork and project management skills under strict quick deadlines as well as long-term processes.
At the end of my service, I served as the manager of the Combat Means Department, including textile products, machining and mechanics development.

Since then, I am a collector of figures and ideas surrounding me, constantly busy in translating them into objects and products, while trying to create surprising and innovative experiences.


What Sets Us Apart

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Bezalel academy of arts and design,

Jerusalem, Bachelor of Design (B. Des.)   


Beit Yerach High School



Product Designer at 'Flamingo Studio' Project Management

and R&D Textile Product Development Engineering design


Product Designer Roundforest


Intern at 'Jonathan Bar – Or Industrial Design Ltd' Development and manufacture of textile products for the rehabilitative - therapeutic market. Experience with Composite materials, fabric Weldment and electronics in textile-based products. Implementation of engineering design for the baby strollers industry.


Academic Research Assistant in the 'PEP Group'                            

Research supports the design process for application to alert against earthquakes


״Meisler״ Prize for Outstanding Design for 'Trigone'